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BondbloX simplifies bond investing by allowing investors to track & trade bonds electronically – just like stocks


Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
as a Recognised Market Operator ("RMO")

Bond investing made easy

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Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
as a Recognised Market Operator ("RMO")

As investors, it is important for you to have access to transparent & accurate data on bond prices & bond features. Only then can you make informed investment decisions.

We at BondbloX help with both – tracking & trading – of bonds conveniently via an App

Track corporate & sovereign bond data including price, yield, spread

Filter our bond universe to find suitable bonds that meet your needs

Trade bonds online with full transparency on order book & fees

Track bond prices

Set up your bond portfolio in minutes to track bond price & yield movements on-the-go.

Buy bonds

You can now buy bonds at your fingertips. Onboard with us to start trading bonds online.

Regulated as a
Recognised Market Operator (RMO)

Trusted Global Custodians

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Our story

Founded in 2016, We are a team of debt capital market bankers & technologists, spread across Singapore, India & Mexico, working to realise one vision: Provide easy access to bonds for all investors.

The BondbloX Bond Exchange is the world’s first fractional bond exchange, regulated as a Recognised Market Operator by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We are backed by Citi & MassMutual Ventures as investors & have Citi & Northern Trust as our global custodians.

Leadership Team Board of Directors Advisors

Our Story

Industry recognitions

Mas Fintech
Knowledge Enterprise Award
IFSCA Gift City
UBS Future on Finance
Forbes Asia
APAC Champion
Fintech shark tank

Invest in fractional & full-sized bonds

Invest in fractional & full-sized bonds

Invest in fractional bonds starting with $1,000

Now, invest in bonds in smaller denominations starting $1,000 vs. the conventional $200,000. 200x diversification opportunities via BondbloX

Enjoy the most of your returns with low fees

BondbloX charges $2 per trade & 0.20% annualised fee on AUM

Bond investing made easy - buy bonds like equities

Buy bonds electronically, just like you buy stocks

Instant settlement & zero counterparty risk

Trading BondbloX involves zero settlement & zero counterparty risk. All transactions are instantly settled by the exchange

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Why Invest in Bonds?

Bond yields are at levels not seen in over a decade – many investment grade bonds offer over 5% today.

Diversification is key! Adding bonds to a portfolio of stocks reduces overall portfolio risk.

Bonds by nature offer fixed income with predictable and steady cash flows.

Invest in fractional & full-sized bonds
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Key FAQs

No, BondbloX is a debenture and is not linked to cryptocurrencies.

Exchange fees, in the following types, may be applied:

  • Transaction fee for BondbloX
  • Quarterly platform access fee on BondbloX held on the exchange

Other non-exchange fees may apply on deposits and withdrawals

  • This may be imposed by banks and is not accrued to BondEvalue.

For further information, refer to our market information page.

BondbloX represents fractional bonds issued by BondEvalue Pte Ltd, traded on the BondbloX exchange, and contains fractional interests in the Underlying bond.


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BondbloX is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Recognised Market Operator ("RMO") and exempted from Section 49(1) of the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) ("SFA") under Section 49(7) of the SFA.

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