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BondEvalue and FinIQ sign MOU to offer fractional bonds
Nov 1, 2021

Fractional bonds will now be available on the FinIQ platform. Banks and financial institutions which use FinIQ would have direct access to the BondbloX Bond Exchange (BBX). This would enable these banks to trade fixed income live on an instant atomic settlement basis on BBX. Banks can also offer direct access to their wealth clients for fixed income trades as they have been so for structured notes on the FinIQ platform.

Shodhan Shah, director of FinIQ, commented "Our partnership with BondEvalue further bolsters our core offering of providing a front-to-back platform for wealth managers which digitizes, sales and distribution processes. We see increased demand for digital bonds from our clients."

"A step towards the digitalisation, democratisation and direct access to bond investment. This takes us closer to our goal of allowing every equity investor to also buy bonds," said Rajesh Johar, Co-founder of BondEvalue.

"We are excited to join hands with FinIQ in our journey to democratise trading bonds. About 40 banks and venues use FinIQ's open architecture, to provide live quotes and express order capture at a button's click for various financial products. Using bondblox, private banks would be able to offer more personalized and differentiated bond portfolios."

About Bondevalue

The BondbloX Bond Exchange ("BBX") is the world's first fractional bond exchange launched by BondEvalue. Regulated as a Recognised Market Operator by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, BondEvalue transforms the bond market by enabling investors to conduct electronic bond trading of fractional bonds ("BondbloX") via partner banks and brokers. BBX has integrated with global custodians Northern Trust and Citibank.

As an exchange, settlement is atomic, prices are fully transparent, and execution is on a Central-Limit-Order Book. BondEvalue's proprietary technology and enterprise-grade blockchain enable investors to buy and sell bonds in denominations of SGD/US$1,000 instead of the usual SGD 250,000/US$200,000.

About FinIQ

FinIQ is a Singapore-based capital markets technology provider. Established in 2001, FinIQ today caters to order management, best execution, compliance, suitability, documentation, valuation and post-trade life cycle requirements of over 40 financial institutions.

The platform is used by nearly 15,000 bankers across 21 countries to electronically trade financial instruments including derivatives, structured products, swaps, funds, bonds, cash equity and cash FX. Direct to Client apps and APIs are also offered in addition to the enterprise platform.

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